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How to Choose LED Flood light
Date:2021-06-18Author:Newlamp LightingView:726

LED Flood Lights, illuminating the surface of building or indoor&outdoor spaces. IP65 Waterproof , which can be widely used in applications of tunnel lighting, sports lighting, city landscape lighting, building lighting, advertisement board lighting, stage lighting, etc.

LED Flood Lights are the most common lighting fixtures in life, they are visible all over, this is also the exactly reason why we need to choose the best quality LED flood lights to improve the safety and energy saving. 

There are some advises for choosing better quality LED Flood Lights: 

1. Led Driver of led floodlight:

 The most important raw material for the floodlight.It always needed with high quality reliable driver or reliable IC DOB driver for the floodlight. The Driver’s life equal to the floodlight’s life in the matured led lamp industrial presently.   

2. Heatsink of led floodlight

 Heatsink or housing is an important part of an LED flood light, its main function is Heat Dissipation and Waterproof, protecting the LEDs from high temperature and water. A good heatsink should be make by pure aluminum with good thermal conductivity, then treat its surface with anodic oxidation, powder paint or electrophoresis process, these treatments make the heatsink have good performance of corrosion resistant, but we should do more works to make it have better performance of heat dissipation as pure aluminum only makes heatsink have basic heat dissipation performance. Firstly we need to make sure the design of heatsink structure is reasonable for air circulation, automatic created 3D airflow will take heat away from heatsink with the help of wind; Secondly the larger heat dissipation area the better for a heatsink, the solution is to install high quality massive fins on the heatsink, fins will maximize the heat dissipation area; Thirdly if we want the heat from LEDs can be transferred to the fins quickly and efficiently, we should use copper heat pipes to connect the LEDs with heatsink. A good LED flood light heatsink should be processed by mentioned above.

 As LED flood lights are normally used in outdoor environment, water-proof performance should be reinforced. The air temperature in the flood light is high when it’s working, after it stops working, the inner air temperature will fell sharply, the temperature difference makes the air pressure in the flood light is much less than air pressure out of the flood light, maybe the water on the surface of flood light will go inside of flood light through silicone ring in the action of air pressure difference. To prevent this occasional phenomenon, all LED flood lights produced by us are equipped respirator. This respirator can balance the air pressure between inner and outer side of flood light, prevent water go inside the flood light because of air pressure difference, eliminate mist and avoid condensation, improve the performance of waterproof. Also it can improve the heat dissipation quality, hot air in the flood light can be discharged to outside quickly.

3. Manufacturing process for the led floodlight

As we know ,with high quality materials to reach high quality finished products ,but we must make sure the high standard of manufacturing process. Pay special attention to the details and carry out the quality test standard strictly. 

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