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Why Choose AC DOB LED Light
Date:2021-06-18Author:Newlamp LightingView:1143

1. Use AC 120V (100~140V) / 220V (200~265V) power supply, bid farewell to expensive LED driver, much cheaper

2. No need to install LED power supply separately, improve production efficiency and save labor cost

3. You can import AC-powered led lights in SKD / CDK to save a lot of work.

4. All components are integrated on the PCB board (DOB solution), automatically assembled by SMT machine, reducing the defect rate

5. Reduced transportation and storage costs due to driverlessness, saving weight and volume

6. Maintenance is simple and convenient, no need to struggle between LEDs or drivers, just replace the entire PCB board.

7. Modular design, simple structure, flexible combination, easy to make customized solutions

8. ACLED modules can be used separately or illuminated in SKD / CKD for internal assembly to save responsibilities or prepare lights


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