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Meet LED lighting needs in multiple markets with a single solution
Date:2021-06-18Author:Newlamp LightingView:1049

From a consumer perspective, LEDs provide a return on the environment and money, and if you look at it from another angle, it's like getting nothing (not including initial expenses). But is it really that simple?  it should be, but the reality is that your savings may vary, depending on how efficient your LED is to convert AC . This is not what consumers usually look at. We can think that the market is still immature and not very concerned about it. But in reality, this is just a matter of making problems for the future.

Of course, legislation requires that LEDs, like any other form of illumination, must comply with certain power factor correction (PFC) specifications. In addition, total harmonic distortion (THD) is becoming more and more important. Manufacturers need to develop solutions that meet regional mandates, but the extent to which these programs meet these requirements will determine the total power consumption that consumers can expect to save. In order to make it more difficult for manufacturers to conduct business in multiple regions, these specifications are not consistent across the world. What can be tolerated in one area may be incompatible in another, which means that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) either needs to develop a solution for multiple specific areas, or it needs to standardize a solution that conforms to multiple specifications.

In the absence of a “universal” solution, OEMs may choose to offer different designs optimized for each region, or simply abandon certain markets. Neither of these options is ideal because the first option leads to more complex builds and bills of materials (BOM), while the second option closes potentially valuable sales channels. What manufacturers really need is to provide a solution to meet the requirements of multiple regions without compromising the cost disadvantages of their core markets. In fact, we can almost say that they want to work hard to get something, and they will get it without paying the price.

There are many manufacturers of LED driver solutions that add a lot of cost to the purchase of power. Some are more expensive than others, and at this stage, a long life and low maintenance cost is required. Newlamp found a versatile solution. The IC power supply is mainly used to replace the conventional power supply, and the electroless capacitor has a longer life. Compared with the conventional power supply scheme, the higher PF value can reach 0.99, and the high luminous efficiency can reach 130-150lm/W. The same product makes easier to install, convenience can save the customer's maintenance cost.

The LED lamp linear IC power solution replaces the conventional power supply, and the overall cost is more economical, thus meeting the essential needs of the market, long life, economical price and cost are all a major advantage.

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