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Why use plant growth lights
Date:2021-06-18Author:Newlamp LightingView:974

As the world's population continues to grow, people have higher and higher demands for food. However, as the area of residence continues to expand, resulting in less and less land that can be cultivated, so plant factories and plant lights will become a solution to the food crisis Important key.

However, the light source of a plant factory is also very important, because with the different development of plant factory technology and the improvement of climate equipment and other issues, the choice of plant lights is different when it is irradiated.

The light source of the plant lamp is fluorescent lamp, metal halogen lamp, LED lamp, electrodeless lamp, etc., we will choose different plant lamp models according to the position of the greenhouse and the degree of sunlight, so as to ensure that the plant grows in a shorter time better. Therefore, in the future, the plant lamp will become a necessary production product for agriculture, he will be irreplaceable, and it will be used more and more in the near future. Perhaps in the near future, it will also become the future agriculture. Indispensable in production.

Why should you use our full spectrum plant growth lamp?

1. Concentrate the red and blue light needed by plants to make plants grow stems, leaves and roots grow faster

2. To save your electricity bill by up to 80%

3. Minimal heat emission, reduce A/C cost and fire hazard

4. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 25%

5. Extremely long life span of 100,000 hours, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are generally rated 1,500-6,000 hours

6. Pure natural light, reduce glare and eye fatigue

7. Reduce eye fatigue, flicker-free start and strong light

8. Simple installation, do it yourself

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