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Advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet sterilization
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1. What is UV

Ultraviolet is a kind of radiant energy, an electromagnetic wave energy that can pass through air and space at the speed of light.

In physics, according to the different wavelengths, it can be divided into: 315nm ~ 400nm wavelength ultraviolet is called UV-A; 280nm ~ 315nm wavelength ultraviolet is called UV-B; shorter wavelength 100nm ~ 280nm ultraviolet is called UV-C.

   UV-A usually only increases human skin pigment; UV-B will make the skin red, and it will soon blacken; UV-C is harmful to life, and will cause microbial mutation or sudden death. Ultraviolet rays used to eliminate bacteria and viruses in water belong to ultraviolet rays with shorter wavelengths. According to research, ultraviolet wavelengths in the vicinity of 250 to 260 nm will destroy chromosomes and pose the greatest threat to organisms.

2. How to sterilize the ultraviolet LED lamp

The application principle of ultraviolet LED lamp sterilization is the same as that of fluorescent lamps, except that the inside of the lamp tube is not coated with fluorescent substances. The lamp tube material uses quartz glass with high ultraviolet light transmission rate to protect the outer tube, and uses nucleic acid to artificially low-pressure mercury discharge lamp When ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254nm has a maximum absorption value, it destroys the life genetic material of bacterial and viral nucleic acids, and produces intense chemical changes in the molecule that prevent it from multiplying. The most significant reaction is that the pyrimidine base in the nucleic acid molecule forms a binary body.

UV lamps can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in water. At present, it is believed that the main reason is the formation of pyrimidine binary bodies. In addition, the "light water and reaction" caused by ultraviolet rays in nucleic acids and the "light bridging reaction" when nucleic acids interact with proteins ", Also has some influence on it.

3. The characteristics of ultraviolet LED lamp bead sterilization

A. Advantages

1. Ultraviolet sterilization is more efficient than drug sterilization;

2. It has a bactericidal effect on any microorganisms;

3. It can sterilize air, water and other fluids.

B. Disadvantages

(1) The scope of sterilization is limited to the part that can be irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and the back and inside of the object cannot be sterilized;

(2) The sterilization thread is harmful to the eyes and skin of humans and animals, and will cause the objects to change color and fade.

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