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Another materials have New breakthrough-Graphene is the protagonist
Date:2021-06-18Author:Newlamp LightingView:1119

Graphene quantum dots are quasi-zero-dimensional nanomaterials,it is a unique physical and chemical properties. Compared with traditional luminescent materials, Graphene quantum dots have continuous band gap width and luminescent characteristics; stable structure, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance; no toxic metal elements, green environmental protection and other outstanding advantages.

Our R&D department used the performance of Graphene to develop:UFO Graphene High bay light .High Brightness 140~150LM/W

In recent years, Graphene quantum dot materials have received extensive attention in research fields such as light-emitting devices, photoelectric sensors, and fluorescence analysis. However, the existing luminescent materials based on graphene quantum dots still have shortcomings such as low light conversion efficiency (<20%), illuminating color deviating from positive white light, and poor thermal stability, which limits their practical use.

Recently, the research group of the School of Science and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Professor Ling developed a new white light luminescent material of melamine resin/graphene quantum dot composite microsphere, which is realized by controlled aggregation of melamine resin cationic polymer and graphene quantum dots. The effective regulation of the luminescence properties of graphene quantum dots enables the preparation of highly efficient solid-state white light-emitting materials with high luminous efficiency, adjustable luminescent color and good light and thermal stability.


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