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LED High Bay Light Brief Introduction
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:1127

1.1 Product description

LED high bay light brightness is the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp high bay lamp brightness 3 times. Its shiny, more easily accepted by people, 50,000-8,000 hours lifetime. Instant start, can also be repaired (traditional high-pressure sodium lamp fails to reuse). It is not only very energy-saving and more environmentally friendly. It is one of the key products promoted by the national green lighting energy-saving project and is the first choice of products replacing the traditional high pressure sodium lamp. At present, LED high bay lamp are applied in many industrial enterprises and are popular with customers.


1.2 Product specification




Beam angel: 45°/60°/90°/120°                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 Working temperature:-20~+50℃

1.3 Product feature

1)LED High bay lamp use well-known brand of LED chips, saving up to 60%. Life of LED lamps 5-10 times more than ordinary lamps, almost maintenance-free.

2)There is no need to frequently change the light source and ballast problems.

3)Green-based semiconductor light source, soft light, high light quality, it is conducive to the protection of workers' eyesight and physical health.

1.4 LED Light source advantages

(1) High Light efficiency:

Almost all the spectrum focused on the visible light frequency, efficiency can reach 80% -90%. The incandescent light efficiency of only about 10% -20% efficiency.

(2) High quality light:

As there is no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, so there is no heat, no radiation. Therefore,it is a typical green light source.

(3) Long lifespan:

The standard life of the luminous flux decay to 70% is 40,000 hours. A LED lamp can normally be used for 8 years.

(4) Reliable&Durable:

No tungsten, glass and other easily damaged parts, non-normal scrap rate is very small, very low maintenance costs.

(5) Flexible application:

Small size, can be flat package, easy to develop into thin and light products, made of point, line, surface of various forms of specific application products.

(6) Green and environmental friendly:

Waste is recyclable, non-polluting and does not contain mercury as high pressure mercury lamps.

(7) Very short response time: to adapt to frequent switching and high-frequency operation of the occasion

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