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Advantages of Driverless Floodlights
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:930

1. Advanced heat sink.

The LED chips generate heat which need to be quickly dissipated. Metal mounting plate transmits heat away from the LED. Conductive transfer of heat from the LED mounting board to the advanced heat sink.Contoured heat sink fins provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat.


2. Ultra thin production design.

The LED flood light product design “Ultra thin”, It will be reduce cost in the shipment process.


3. Toughened ground glass.

The glass have a ground surface which has similar anti-glare cover function. At the same time, it improves product appearance to be more beautiful.


4. Anti-impact structure design.

The production corner design is “Anti-impact structure” surface, it will protect installer/user from hurt in the operation environment.


5. DOB (driver on board ) version

Actually, DOB solution is more stable and reliable than driver solution, see the reason as below:


DOB version is using smart IC to control the inner current for LED products. Compare with traditional constant current driver, it does not use transformer, capacitor at all and much less components as CCD version(constant current driver). As all know, for electrical products, the less components the less chance for faulty and more stable. Also, DOB is using solid type of components, which is much better than liquid form, such as capacitor which is short life and easy to explode. 

For the DOB smart IC, we have special function design with the IC, which have set a security over heat protection, when the PCB and chip temp over the safe level, the IC will automatically lower the power of the product and let it cool down then back to safe level, this function is unit and great for protecting the products.

DOB can be much more economic with more reliable quality, it can drop the products cost

dramatically and be more welcomed by market .

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