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Why there is no street light on the highway? - Dec 29, 2017 -
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In fact, generally speaking, the highway is generally not equipped with street lights except for important decks and tunnels. Why the highway is no street lights.

Highway requires higher safety factor

Installing streetlights is not for the safety and convenience of the vehicle (because the car has headlamps) but for the safety and convenience of non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians. The service functions of highways and urban roads are different. Urban roads not only have vehicles but also non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore, there are street lights; the expressway is a road outside the city that connects cities and cities, cities and villages, few cars and pedestrians. Therefore, the general highway no street lights.

In addition, the highway pavement is very flat, no obvious pit, the road to maintain a higher safety factor.

Reflective signs to meet the needs of the road

Is it safer and more convenient for drivers to install streetlights on the highway? The answer is no.

Street lighting is not continuous, uneven. For drivers of high-speed vehicles, this alternation of light and shade can cause visual error (illusion) and is very dangerous. In addition, it can quickly cause eye strain. And street lighting is poor, but also the scattering of light, will make drivers dazzling for long-distance driving, resulting in driving safety problems.

If there is no street lights, the driver at night on the highway how to do?

When outside lighting is insufficient, the vehicle headlamps can provide drivers with safer lighting. Because there is no barrier to the car, you can drive high beam at night. This is why some drivers also like to turn on headlamps (high beam) even when driving on bright city streets.

Vehicle driving at night, perfect road signs and reflective signs completely meet the needs. At night, under the strong illumination of the car headlights, the reflective film on the traffic sign will reflect the light directionally and illuminate the road surface. The traffic signs will be clearly reflected to the driver's eyes, which can be enough to guide the direction.

Cost is not low, management trouble

The total mileage of our country's expressways is more than 100,000 kilometers. The installation of streetlights on all sections must be a significant sum of money. Moreover, the randomness of traffic flow on expressway lines is too strong. In order to install streetlights across a large number of vehicles, it is bound to cause enormous energy waste. In addition, the state highway across the province, the various sections of the power supply and management is also a thorny issue.

In summary, the installation of street lights on the highway is not necessarily scientific, nor energy-saving. Although the highway safety factor is higher, dear friends still need to carefully drive at night.

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