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What Are SAD Symptoms And SAD Phototherapy Lamps?
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:1965

For many people living in high latitudes, long rainy seasons and autumn and winter, the temperature is low, the sunlight is short, and the night is getting longer and longer. Do you find your mood down? Are you attentive? Do you want to eat a lot? Especially a lot of carbohydrates?

Are you sad and always want to sleep? If you answer "yes" to most (but not all) questions, you are likely to suffer from seasonality Disease (SAD).

Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder characterized by depression related to a particular season (especially winter). It is a group of diseases characterized by repeated depressive episodes at the same time every year. This depression is related to the length of the day or the brightness of the environment. Seasonal emotional disorder (English: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD), also known as "winter depression", is an emotional or emotional disorder. Most SAD patients have good health for most of the year, but they will feel depressed in winter or summer. SAD is significantly present north of 30 degrees north latitude or south of 30 degrees south latitude. The study found that the probability of a seasonal depression episode is significantly related to the average temperature of the month and the length of the light cycle. It is also noted that seasonal affective disorder often manifests as depression in winter and mild mania in summer, and the two appear alternately. However, usually seasonal affective disorder is not considered as an independent emotional disorder, but as a special type of severe depressive episode with seasonal characteristics. This major depression episode can be seen in major depression and manic depression. It is believed that seasonal mood swings have much to do with sunlight, not temperature. Therefore, SAD is also common in mid-latitude regions with mild winters, such as Seattle and Vancouver. People living in the Arctic Circle are particularly susceptible to it because of the polar night. Long cloudy days can also exacerbate SAD. The symptoms of SAD are similar to those of poor mood or depression. Sometimes, the patient may not feel frustrated, but unable to get up, do things, listless...

For people diagnosed with seasonal affective disorders, the commonly used treatment tool is the SAD lamp. As the name implies, the purpose of these lights (also called light boxes or phototherapy boxes) is to provide stronger full-spectrum exposure to alleviate the depressive symptoms usually associated with SAD.

SAD phototherapy is an effective treatment because it can imitate sunlight and restore balance to body and mind. Once the chemicals reach equilibrium, the person will return to normal luck. To maintain the effect, this treatment is needed every day.

The researchers found that using SAD treatment lamps can relieve SAD symptoms like synthetic drugs, usually in a shorter period of time. Although it takes an average of six weeks to reduce the drug burden, a significant effect is usually observed within 2 to 5 days.

The main function of phototherapy lamp

1. With fluorescent display: the status of the light box can be displayed intuitively at this moment, easy to adjust and

Manage usage plans.

2. Two light modes: blue + white: the light intensity of white light is 10,000 lux, completely imitated

A beneficial ingredient of natural sunlight and can resist seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Among them, blue light is the most effective excitation light, and only 200 lux can achieve the same effect as 10,000 lux white light. Just keep a certain distance from the field of view, and then adjust the stand so that the light directly hits your eyes, so you can enjoy sunbathing without leaving your home.

3. Five dimming levels: Two colors of light have 5 levels of brightness, respectively 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. You can freely switch the color and brightness according to the intensity of external light and your needs. Unlimited imitating natural sunlight, make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

4. With timer: You can set the time of bathing under the "sun" according to your needs. After that, it will automatically stop working without worrying about the time is too short and the time is too long.

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