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Dear Clients:

Thank you for selecting our products. In order to satisfy you through our services, we advise you to read the related service clause seriously as follow:

1.Supply Three/ Five-Year warranty

1.1. Scope of warranty:

From date of the shipping date, all our LED indoors lighting supply three-year free warranty and some led lighting will supply Five-year free warranty.

1.2 During the free warranty Period, we supply the service of repairing the bad units and power supply or converter and replacing the units or power supply:

We will supply the spare parts for buyer to satisfy emergency needs, which should be according to the specific volume of orders.All the bad goods which are confirmed need to send back to us, we will give free maintenance and bear the freight charge.As the man-made causes of the buyer or caused by the improper use of mild adverse effects, some of the emergence of necrosis, can be provided maintenance services (whether charges or not, separate discussion), but does not bear any costs arising from transport.Exceed the free warranty, the seller will provide paid services.

2.For life support services

All the products we supply will provide technical services for life; customers can consult the using of products and maintenance by a variety of forms such as telephone, E-MAIL, etc.

3. Process for requirement of products return and exchange:

3.1 Application

3.1.1. Any Return or exchange of the led bad units, or power supply (or converter) should be getting the application and approval from our company, otherwise the buyer bear the losses caused by the return.

3.1.2 When Customers fill out application forms, the form should be in strict accordance with forms content, incomplete will not be given approval.

3.1.3 After filling out the application, please send it to or send it through our website

3.2 Examination and Approval

Our Customer Service will do examination and approval then give feedback to customers within three working days

3.3 Requirement of products return and exchange:

3.3.1 Make sure to return the products for a reasonable classification of packaging, to prevent further damage caused by the transport, otherwise the losses caused by the unreasonable package should be responsible of customers.

3.3.2 When return the products, models must be affixed to complete.

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