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UV LED Applications Continue To Expand In Emerging Areas
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:1282

With the continuous development of UV LED technology, the application of UV LED in some emerging fields has been continuously expanded.

Zhao Sen, general manager of Guoxing Optoelectronics Non-Visual Light Source Division, said: "In the field of photocatalyst, UV LED irradiation photocatalyst can decompose organic pollution sources (formaldehyde, VOC) in the air into non-toxic and non-polluting water and carbon dioxide, making inorganic The pollutants (NOx, NH3) are oxidized to NO3-, thereby achieving functions such as sterilization and decomposition, and decomposition of air pollutants."

In addition, UV LEDs can be used for plant growth. In recent years, indoor and greenhouse cultivation has flourished, solving the problem of lack of fresh vegetables in cold regions in winter, but some listed indoor and greenhouse fruits and fruits have quality problems such as dark color and unsatisfactory taste. The reasons are manifold, but lack of illumination, especially the lack of UV light in normal light, may be a key factor. Studies have found that planting a certain dose of UV radiation in greenhouses can affect plant growth and physiological activities, thereby improving plant quality.

At the same time, the application of UV LED in the field of phototherapy is gradually popularized. UVB can effectively treat various skin diseases such as psoriasis and vitiligo, and UVB LED can be compared with traditional NB UVB ultraviolet phototherapy and excimer laser treatment. It is more compact, easy to carry and use, and the advantages are more prominent.
Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of UV LED technology and the gradual decline of cost, UV LED will usher in new development opportunities.

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