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LED flood light applications
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:949

1. The appearance of building lighting

Projection of a building to a region, nothing more than the use of control of the beam angle of the round head and square head shape of the projector, which is consistent with the concept of the traditional cast light lamps. However, due to the small and thin LED floodlight sizes, the development of linear projection lamps will undoubtedly become a highlight of led floodlights. Because many buildings do not have the place to put the traditional projection lamp. Its easy-to-install, horizontal and vertical mounting, combined with the building's surface, gives lighting designers new lighting vocabulary and expands their creative space. It will have an impact on the lighting of modern and historic buildings.

2.landscape lighting

Because the led floodlight design is not like traditional light, it can be a good combination of urban street furniture. Lighting can be enjoyable in the city's leisure spaces such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfront and gardening. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use led flood light for lighting. led hidden cast light will be particularly favored. The fixed ends can be designed as pluggable and can be easily adjusted according to the height of the plant.


3, Logo and instructional lighting

Space and guide needing space, such as the separation of the road display, stair step lighting, emergency exit lighting instructions, you can use the surface brightness of the appropriate led flood light self-luminous buried lights or embedded in the vertical wall Lamps, such as the theater auditorium ground guide light or seat side of the indicator light, as well as the mall floor guide lights. In addition, led floodlight compared with the neon light, because it is low pressure, no fragile glass, will not increase the cost of production due to bending, it is worth to promote the use of logo design.

4.Indoor space display lighting

As far as the lighting quality is concerned, the LED flood light has no heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so it will not cause any damage to the exhibits or the products. Compared with the conventional light sources, the lighting does not need an additional filter, simple lighting system , low-cost and easy to install . It will be used as a museum of fiber optic lighting alternatives because of its precise lighting. Commercial lighting mostly use colorful LED, interior white LED combined with interior decoration to provide auxiliary lighting indoors, hidden light band LED can be used, particularly advantageous for low space.

5.Entertainment and stage lighting

Due to the dynamic nature of the led flood lights, digital control of color, brightness and dimming, lively saturated colors can create static and dynamic lighting effects. The use of LEDs in any color from white to full spectrum opens up new ideas in the illumination of such spaces. Long-life, high-lumen maintenance values (90% lumen maintenance after 10,000 hours) reduce maintenance costs and frequency of light changes compared to metal halide lamps for 50 to 250 hours of life. In addition, led floodlight 50w to overcome the use of metal halide lamp after a period of color shift phenomenon.

6, video screen

Full color led flood light display is the world's most eye-catching outdoor large-scale display device, the use of advanced digital video processing technology. There is unparalleled large area and ultra-high brightness. According to different indoor and outdoor environment, using a variety of light-emitting pixels, to achieve different brightness, color, resolution, to meet a variety of purposes. It can dynamically display graphic animation information, the use of multimedia technology, can play all kinds of multimedia files.

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