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Focus To Doing Something Well In 2019 Spirit Of SwordDraw
Date:2021-06-22Author:Newlamp LightingView:932

In China have one sentence: "Make your whole year's plans in spring,a good start is half the battle. "After the Spring Festival holiday, do you get to work on time?can quickly enter the job role, whether to invest in all kinds of work with a full spirit, is it well prepared for the year's goals?it is very important to take good steps.Then. We convened this meeting at the end of February, aiming at mobilizing and calling on all cadres and workers to immediately adjust from the festive atmosphere and the state of rest, to use their brains and act positively. Do a good job in this year's work. First of all:

(1) Recognize the situation and enhance the sense of urgency in doing all the work.

(2) Prepare early, arrange early, and plan for the year-round work.

Carry out the work of 2019, reflecting the spirit of the team's sword spirit. Everyone has  own opinions and published how everyone should work in 2019 and what needs improvement. Better serve to our customers.


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